Eric Dolphy :

ĎMary Anní

(Booker Little, trumpet; Dolphy, composer, alto saxophone; Jaki Byrd, piano)

from ĎFar Cryí New Jazz

Thatís got to be Eric Dolphy - nobody else could sound that bad! The next time I see him Iím going to step on his foot. You print that. I think heís ridiculous. Heís a sad ____________.

L.F. Down Beat wonít print those words.

M.D. Just put heís a sad shhhhhhhhh, thatís all! The composition is sad. The piano player _____ it up, getting in the way so that you canít hear how things are supposed to be accented.

Itís a sad record, and itís the record companies fault again. I didnít like the trumpet players tone, and he donít do nothing. The running is all right if youíre going to play that way, like Freddie Hubbard or Lee Morgan; but youíve got to inject something, and youíve got to have the rhythm section along; you just canít keep on playing eighth notes.

The piano playerís sad. You have to think when you play; you have to help each other - you just canít play for yourself. Youíve got to play with whomever youíre playing with. If Iím playing with Basie, Iím going to try to help what heís doing - that particular feeling.

Editorís note : Neither John Coltrane or Ornette Coleman agreed with Davisí assessment of Dolphyís talents. He collaborated with both these legendary musicians during the early sixties before forming his own group.