Duke Ellington:


(Ellington, piano; Charlie Mingus, bass; Max Roach, drums)

from ĎMoney Jungleí United Artists

What am I supposed to say to that? Thatís ridiculous. You see the way they can ____ up music? Itís a mismatch. They donít compliment each other. Max and Mingus can play together, by themselves. Mingus is a hell of a bass player, and Max is a hell of a drummer. But Duke canít play with them, and they canít play with Duke.

Now, how are you going to give a thing like that stars? Record companies should be kicked in the ____. Somebody should take a picket sign and picket the record company.

Editorís note : Both Max Roach and Charlie Mingus played at the legendary Massey Hall concert with Charlie Parker.