Rod Levitt:

ĎAh! Spainí

(Levitt, trombone, composer; John Beal, bass)

from ĎDynamic Sound Patternsí Riverside

There was a nice idea, but they didnít do nothing with it. The bass player was a ____________ , though. It doesnít have the Spanish feeling - doesnít move. They move up in triads, but thereís all those chords missing - and I never heard any Spanish thing where they had a figure that went

- ( in the original article a 2 bar a musical phrase starting on beat 3 of bar 1 and continuing for 1/2 beat followed by 3, 1 and 1/2 beat notes was illustrated)

Thatís some old ____, man. Sounds like Steve Allenís TV band. Give it some stars just for the bass player.

Editorís note : John Beal where are you now?