Les McCann - Jazz Crusaders :

ĎAll Bluesí

(Wayne Henderson, trombone; Wilton Felder, tenor saxophone; Joe Sample, piano; McCann, electric piano; Miles Davis, composer)

Whatís that supposed to be? That ainít nothiní. They donít know what to do with it - you either play it bluesy or you play it on the scale. You donít just play flat notes. I didnít write it to play flat notes on - you know, like minor thirds. Either you play a whole chord against it, or else . . . but donít try to play it like youíd play, ah, Walkiní The Dog. You know what I mean?

Rate it? How can I rate that?

Editorís note : The Jazz Crusaders later became simply The Crusaders, and went on to pop stardom in the late seventies / early eighties culminating in the hit song ĎStreetLifeí.