Cecil Taylor :


(Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone; Taylor, piano)

from ĎLive at the Cafe Monmatreí Fantasy

Take it off! Thatís some sad ____, man. In the first place I hear some Charlie Parker cliches . . . They donít even fit. Is that what the critics are digging? Them critics better stop having coffee. If there ainít nothing to listen to, they might as well admit it. Just to take something like that and say itís great, because there ainít nothing to listen to, thatís like going out and getting a prostitute.

L.F. This man said he was influenced by Duke Ellington.

M.D. I donít give a ____ ! It must be Cecil Taylor. Right? I donít care who heís inspired by. That ____ ainít nothing. In the first place he donít have the - you know, the way you touch a piano. he doesnít have the touch that would make the sound of whatever he thinks of come off.

I can tell heís influenced by Duke, but to put the loud pedal on the piano and make a run is very old- fashioned to me. And when the alto player sits up there and plays without no tone . . . . Thatís the reason I donít buy any records.