Herb Alpert :

‘Jump Street’

(Herb Alpert, trumpet; Greg Smith, keyboards, bass, guitar, programming; Joe Rotondi, Piano; Kevin Ricard, perc)

North On South St, Herb Alpert, 1991

IC: Who was the guy - I'm sure it's him! - who ran a record company after he played the trumpet, in harmony with other trumpets?

TC: Herb Alpert?

IC: That's him! Well, yes, I'm not surprised! Dire! Absolutely dire! I thought it was him but I couldn't think of his name! He's a good technician, a good trumpeter, and probably he's also a very nice guy, you know?

TC: That's the most damning thing you can say about anybody!

IC: Yes, but you can have absolutely dreadful human beings who can produce something interesting. I've heard Herb Alpert playing things that are beautifully played, but I've never heard him play anything that moved me, and I'm sure that he's the first person who knows he can't do that. And that's why he's such a nice guy and why he runs a record company and why he helps other people so much, because he's a great help to other musicians...