Ian Ritchie's SOHO Project

Although not as yet a household name in the jazz community, there are few people in the world that will not have heard some of Ian Ritchie’s music. For the last 30 years he has been active on the scene as a saxophonist, composer and record producer, all leading up to the release of his first jazz album. In the interim he has played on hit records by The Beach Boys, Wham, Roger Waters, Aswad, Dee C Lee and Robbie Nevil. Produced million selling albums by Laurie Anderson, Roger Waters, Hugh Cornwell and the Big Dish. Composed songs for John Hughes movies and themes and incidental music for The Lonely Planet, Pilot Guides, Globetrekker series and numerous documentaries. We won’t mention the literally thousands of adverts that have featured his unique musical abilites on televisions all over the world.

The SOHO Project is his first jazz release, but is by no means the first album bearing his name. His interest in a wide variety of music led to records in ambient, lounge and world music styles as well as house and techno releases worldwide.This in turn informs his jazz playing with an accessibility uncommon in original contemporary jazz circles. His big sound and melodic thrust draw the listener into his unique musical world. The range of rhythms his group employs has audiences dancing as often as tapping their feet.

The SOHO Project CD is now available for purchase from this website.

For the last year I have been on the road touring with the Roger Waters band. We played 107 dates in Australasia, Asia, Europe, South America and North America. Performing "Dark Side Of The Moon" and other Pink Floyd favourites was hugely enjoyable and has raised my profile as a saxophonist immeasurably. I am now ready to channel all my energies into my own band. We are soon to record a new CD and over the coming months I intend to fill the bands date book with as many gigs as possible.