For the past few years I have been producing music used in the "Lonely Planet" series ( recently retitled "Globetrekker" ) which is broadcast all over the world. Two albums are available of music from the series featuring the Lonely Planet Theme and many other pieces used in the shows. More information about these programmes and the music used in them is available at the Pilot film and TV site.

Other TV credits include "The Real James Bond Gadgets" ( featuring Roger Moore ) which includes some of my favourite recent compositions. I was able to persuade the excellent director of the show, Carl Hindmarsh that the soundtrack had to be performed by a band 'live' in the studio. I assembled the musicians and completed the music for the show in one afternoon, playing to picture.

"Them And Us" for the BBC and "Theatreland" for Channel 4 along with a host of one off documentaries. On the advertising side I am responsible for tv ads including most Johnson and Johnson baby ads, Spam, Weightwatchers, Irn Bru, Air Canada, L'Oreal Elvive, Laurent Garnier, Tennents Extra ......

Spending less time in the studio has given me more time to pursue live performance and I have been doing this off and on with a variety of groups. Most notable have been my forays into live ambient music with the Eclectic "Shen" and a very flexible duo with John Ashton Thomas on keyboards. These groups have featured banks of on stage technology including computers, synths and samplers mixed with live playing. ( mainly ethnic flutes, soprano sax and ebo guitar ).

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