After the demise of Miro Miroe I worked mainly in the recording studio, initially as an arranger/programmer and later as a producer. I had always been fascinated by computers. I learned Basic on the ancient Sinclair ZX 80. It seemed only natural to use this knowledge in making music, so when Tiny Evans at Octave Hire offered me time on the Fairlight computer musical instrument I jumped at the chance. With my new found skill at music programming I worked extensively in the studio with artists and producers including Steel Pulse, Godley and Creme, Gary Numan, The Beach Boys, David Grant, Dead Or Alive, Murray Head, Steve Hillage, Howard Jones, Beggars and Co and many more. As well as utilizing the Fairlight CMI I also made use of the long forgotten Emulator I and II, Drumulator, Oberheim DMX and Linndrum drum machines, UMI midi programming system on the BBC Microcomputer and many other aesoteric bits of kit that I will discuss with anyone who is interested.

In addition to this programming/arranging work I was asked the to play saxophone on a few sessions. I can be heard on records by Wham, Robbie Nevil ( C' Est La Vie"), The Beach Boys, D. C. Lee ( "See The Day"), David Sylvian, David Grant. I also fitted in writing a book about programming the BBC microcomputer called "The BBC Micro Music Masterclass" (a fabulously stimulating read now sadly out of print).

While working with Tim Palmer on an album for the group G.I. Orange I made the transition from arranger to producer. Their follow up Christmas album was produced entirely by me with Chris Sheldon engineering. This led on to production work with The Big Dish, Roger Waters, Pete Wylie, Laurie Anderson, Hugh Cornwell, Three O' Clock and a host of others.

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