My main activities are composing for tv ( both program music, themes and also adverts ) and gigging as a saxophonist with a variety of bands. On the playing front I have just finished touring with the Roger Waters band. We have completed a World tour performing "Dark Side OF The Moon" and other Pink Floyd favourites which took the best part of a year during 2006 and 2008. In addition my jazz group has released a CD "Ian Ritchie's SOHO Project" and we are about to go into the studio to record the second.




Some pictures of me performing live.
present : I have formed a new band to play my own music in a contemporary jazz style.
present : Performing with the Holly Penfield Quintet.
1994 - present : Composing for the Lonely Planet ( now Globetrekker ) series.
1990 - 1992 : In the early nineties I really liked Techno.I
1984 - 1990 : The producing years.
1980 - 1984 : Miro Miroe signed to CBS Records.
1978 - 1980 : After the demise of Deaf School I moved to London.......
1974 - 1978 : The Liverpool connection and Deaf School.
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