'The Real Thing' is a trance tune I composed with Francois Alvarez in 2002. 'Gato' is a drum 'n' bass tune recorded with Gilad Atzmon.
'What Would Love Do' is a song from 'Le Jazz Hot' by the Holly Penfield Quintet.' "Nights Of Arabia" recorded in 2002 with Shay.
'Too 2 Much' was written to be performed at the club of the same name. 'Faith' was released on the 'Welcome To Technology' EP in 1992 along with 2 more of mine.
In 1982 I played with a Nigerian High Life band. 'Nwa' was one of the tunes. Deaf School at the Melkweg in Amsterdam soon after I joined the band (1974?).
A Radio One 'In Concert' program featuring Deaf School just before signing to WEA.



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