I have a new album out now! I am very excited about this release. It was recorded during the UK lockdown of 2021 and features some of the tunes I composed for my Dollis Chill Facebook broadcasts. As well as myself on a range of instruments the album also features guitar legend Snowy White on a couple of tunes. The great Pete Thoms can be heard on trombone on four of the tracks, as can the excellent young drummer Jack Thomas. The songs themselves are in a variety of styles ranging from rock and funk to world and reggaeton grooves. There is still a jazz element but that is much less to the fore than on my previous SOHO Project releases.

The cd is available by ordering mail order from here using PayPal. The cost of the CD is £12, which includes postage and packing worldwide. Just click on the PayPal link below.

Send your address and any request for a signed copy to ianritchie@icloud.com
or message me in Paypal.

Since I am not making the tracks available for download or streaming I have upload some examples of a few of the tunes here. These are versions I played live on my Facebook Live broadcasts in 2021. I replayed the lead instruments, added new parts and have contributions from Snowy White, Peter Thoms and Jack Thomas on the album version, so if you like what you hear on these versions you will Really like the album remixes.

Wo He Lo - with Snowy White, Jack Thomas and Pete Thoms.
Flavour Of Frinton - featuring low D whistle.
Deans Brook - featuring shinobue ( Japanese flute ).
Kensington Gardens - drum and bass featuring soprano sax.