Roger Waters North America Tour 2017

I will be touring with Roger Waters playing saxophone on his 'Us And Them' tour during the later part of 2017.

My blogs from previous tours during 2006 - 2008, the Sandy Relief Concert in 2012 and Desert Trip / Mexico City 2016 can be found here along with additional tour pics on flickr


Monday, 22nd of May : New York : We have a day off in NYC. It is quite wet, so I don't think I will be doing much gallavanting around the city. I decided against getting soaked to the skin on the Williamsburg bridge also. In the evening Gus, Oz, Drew and myself went to see the Mingus Big Band at Jazz Standard on 27th street. A great band with exellent arrangements of some Mingus classics. Seamus Blake rocked on 'Goodbye Pork Pie Hat' and I really enjoyed Abraham Burton's solo on 'Jump Monk'. Frank Lacy ( who I sat in with at a jam during the DSOTM tour ) was great as both vocalist and trombonist. ( In spite of some daft 'after the fact' lyrics written by the likes of Elvis Costello and Joni Mitchell ). A very entertaining evening.

Sunday, 21th of May : New York : The day of the dress rehearsal in front of an invited audience. We got to the venue early for last minute clothes fitting by Mimi. There was a definite buzz in the building. Roger routined the kids for 'Brick'. At 6pm we were off! The first set flashed by. It was fun to be onstage with bass in hand for the last tune. I was surprised at how many people had been invited. The new band members clearly have a lot of friends! The second set featured me on 'Money', 'Us And Them' and 'Eclipse'. It is great to be playing those memorable sax solos once again. The show went well and after some mingling with friends backstage we headed back to the hotel for a quiet drink with chips (french fries ) at the bar.

Saturday, 20th of May : New York : Insanity at 12. In the afternoon I took my horn down to the Williamsburg bridge and practised at the same spot frequented by Sonny Rollins all those years ago. In the evening I headed to Smalls to catch the 10.30 set. When I arrived at the door, having queued for 15 minutes, I was told the club was full and to come back for the midnight show. I wandered up the street to the Village Vanguard and as fate would have it, was let in for the second set of Steve Coleman and Five Elements. This was the club where Rollins recorded his seminal "Live at the Village Vanguard" album.

Friday, 19th of May : New York : We rolled into the venue in the afternoon and fine tuned a few songs. Trip and Pompey went over the various routines and procedures for the shows and travelling that make the logistic part of touring run so smoothly. Dav,e Jon and I know how it works, but it was all useful information for the new band members. In the evening I walked down to the Williamsburg Bridge and went half way across. This was the bridge that Sonny Rollins chose to practise on during his three years 'woodshedding' before returning to the jazz scene in 1962 with his classic album 'The Bridge'.

Thursday, 18th of May : New York : The last full run through before our dress rehearsal on Sunday. Friday will be spent tightening up various details in the songs. In the evening I retired to the Perfect Pint in Midtown and had a very pleasant jar or two with Jason Kaufman, Dan Brown's publisher.

Wednesday, 17th of May : New York : Tweaking and refining at the rehearsal, then a complete run through of the set. New York is swelltering now.

Tuesday, 16th of May : New York : Another hard day at the office.....not! My bass part in 'Brick' has been re-instated. Yay! We played the set from top to bottom with all the bells and whistles. Sounds pretty good. The temparature has gone up into the ninties, so a stroll in the warm evening is called for.

Monday, 15th of May : New York : Insanity at 9am. Rehearsal at 11.30am. Finish at 8pm. Bed by midnight. Rock 'n Roll.

Sunday, 14th of May : New York : Back to rehearsing. The new songs are taking shape well. Got to see some of the spectacular special effects, which you will have to wait for the shows to see. Back at the hotel Trip, Pompey, Dave and myself put the world to rights in the bar later that evening. lol

Saturday, 13th of May : New York : Our day off and New York is cold and very wet! I decided to catch the afternoon jam at Smalls. The house band were fantastic, so I was looking forward to sitting in. As happens at jams however, when I got up the rhythm section changed personnel entirely. To put it politely, these players made me appreciate even more the fantastic jazz musicians I play with in London and the Czech Republic. lol In jazz, the wrong rhythm section can make even the best horn player sound like a rank amateur. On this occasion I did! I hope for better luck next time!! My consolation prize was a couple of slices of excellent New York pizza from Joe's.

Friday, 12th of May : New York : Ran the set. Some good improvements to the new songs made. Heard we have a day off on Saturday!

Thursday, 11th of May : New York : After an early morning insanity workout with Pompey and Joey we headed to the rehearsal venue, which is set up more like the full show. It felt good to be on a full size stage with lights etc. The show is going to be amazing.

Wednesday, 10th of May : Southampton / New York : The band travel to New York City to begin production rehearsals. Dave headed off in the evening to see Yngwie Malmsteen. I headed to greenwich Village to catch some jazz. neither of us had any takers from other members of the band.

Tuesday, 9th of May : Southampton : Our final day in Southampton. Roger invited us to his house for lunch. A good time was had by all.

Monday, 8th of May : Southampton : We ran the entire set from top to bottom.

Saturday, 6th of May : Southampton : The last few days of rehearsing in the Hamptons. Pompey has persuaded myself, Joey, Jess and Holly to join him in a daily ‘Insanity’ workout. It is a bit more strenuous than my London regimen of gardening and cycling.

Friday, 5th of May : New York : Arrived at the Late Show studios at 12 for soundcheck. Roger will perform ‘Déjà Vu’ from the new album with band and strings. I wasn’t able to persuade Nigel that the tune needed sax, so I will be spectating. The appearance went well. The audiences reacted very warmly to Roger and his new song and band. We had some sushi in midtown before heading back to Southampton.

Thursday, 4th of May : Southampton : Rehearsed as usual then bussed into New York City in preparation for tomorrows appearance on The Late Show.

Wednesday, 3rd of May : Southampton : Met Mimi who has sorted out our stage clothes. I have stopped having a play in the nearby forest having been warned of the dangers of ticks and lyme disease. Much safer in the studio sound booth but not as pretty.

Monday, 1st of May : Southampton : Another good day rehearsing. We have played all the tunes in the set at least once. I may have an unexpected sax solo during the extended end to ‘Eclipse’. Roger will make the final decision in the coming week.

Sunday, 30th of April : Southampton : We are getting through the set pretty quickly. I have a keyboard part on ‘WYWH” to learn before tomorrow. I lost my bass part on ‘Brick’ to Gus Seyffert. Drat!

Saturday, 29th of April 2017 : Southampton : Roger arrives! Everything went smoothly at the rehearsal. The band celebrated with some lobster at a local restaurant. In the evening Mark Fenwick took the band to a nice local fish place and fun was had by all.


Friday, 28th of April 2017 : Southampton : Another day getting set up and running a few tunes with Nigel at the helm. Definite indications that the band is going to rock!

Thursday, 27th of April 2017 : Southampton : Met most of the rest of the new band members. I drove to the rehearsal space with Drew Erikson, the new keyboardist. Some unfamiliar faces in the crew along with the old hands ( Alfie, Tim, Matt and Rich .

Wednesday, 26th April 2017 : London/NY/Southampton : Met up with Dave Kilminster in the Virgin lounge at Heathrow around midday. The start of another big adventure. Nigel Godrich, the producer of Roger’s new album was also flying with us. We arrived at the hotel in the early evening and had a pleasant meal with Trip Khalaf who is tour managing, doing out front sound, tour accounting. Jet lag kicked in around 11pm.