Roger Waters European Tour 2018

I will be touring with Roger Waters playing saxophone on his 'Us + Them' tour during 2018. This blog follows my day to day activities on the road.

My blogs from previous tours during 2006 - 2008, the Sandy Relief Concert in 2012, Desert Trip / Mexico City 2016, the US and Canada tour 2017 and Australasia 2018 can be found here along with additional tour pics on flickr.


Friday, 20th April 2018 : Milan : Our last day off in Milan. I risked life and limb and cycled across town to the Foundazione Prada. The galleries are spread across various buildings in a disused distillery. I particularly enjoyed the main building which housed an excellent Jeff Koons, along with some Damien Hirst installations that I first saw in the London Saatchi gallery back in the 90's. Another highlight was Italian art and architecture between the World Wars. I did consider studying architecture before deciding on Chemistry back in 1970. The symmetrical Italian style was what I had in mind designing. I am so glad I didn't go that route. Later in the day I visited the Prada Observatory, which is located near the Doumo. I was hoping for a view of Milan from above but the rooftop is below the surrounding buildings. The gallery featured photographs. Pasta and wine for dinner.

Thursday, 19th April 2018 : Milan : We have 2 days off in Milan before heading for Bologna. Dave told me about a canal area that looked cool so I hopped on a bike ( after workout ) and set off. Cycling in Milan is challenging. Many of the roads are stone paving, which is very bumpy to cycle over. Also, the tram lines make changing direction quite hazardous. With the fairly erratic Italian driving in the mix, I am happy to say I survived the day. I had a nice panini and glass of wine by the water before heading back. An hour practise in the park before before going to dinner in the evening.

Wednesday, 18th April 2018 : Milan : The day of the second show in Milan. Needless to say I slept late after last nights shenanigans. Got up in time to get to the show however! The usual routine; arrive at the venue. Hang in the dressing room. On stage for soundcheck at 5. Eat in catering around 6.15. ( on this occasion al fresco ). Hang in the dressing room. Get dressed around 8.30. Ready to rock by 9.00. It is good to have a regular routine on these big occasions. It keeps everyone settled and centred for the performance ahead. Another great one with a responsive crowd. A short aftershow get together this time. Phew!

Tuesday, 17th April 2018 : Milan : The day of the first show in Milan. It is another beautiful day, so I took the opportunity to cycle round the city some more, before heading to the venue around 4. The Milan audience was excellent in spite of being banned from standing up. I stayed up too late after the show and rolled into bed around 3.30.

Monday, 16th April 2018 : Milan : Our second day off in Milan. The weather is beautiful, so I hired a bicycle and explored the town without a particular plan in mind. I happened past the 'Biscione' on the way to the Duomo. I had heard of the 'dog dragon' and wanted to get a picture of it in good light. The Sforza castle was next, before getting to the Sempione park. I walked around for a bit; bought a postcard, then headed back to the hotel. It was a nice day to get in a couple of hours practise in the park. My room was still being serviced when I arrived back, so I had a glass of Ripasso on the rooftop bar and watched the sunset Ibiza style. In the evening it was easy to find a good bowl of pasta before retiring.

Sunday, 15th April 2018 : Milan : My blog entry for Milan on the 2007 Dark Side Of The Moon tour indicates that I thought then that Milan was all about shopping. Particularly clothes shopping. Nothing seems to have changed! As I walked into the town centre from our hotel I passed store after store selling designer goods of all the name brands. Not really my style, so I headed to La Scala, the famous opera house then on to the amazing Duomo. The queue was too long to get onto the roof, but I will come back another day. After a good practise in a local park I had a nice pizza and a glass of Barbera before heading back to the hotel.

Saturday, 14th April 2018 : Barcelona / Milan : A bit of a rainy day, so good timing for leaving Barcelona. I worked out in the gym with Dave then updated this blog, before packing ready for the trip to Milan after the show. It was great to catch up with Susie Llewelyn-Jones and Tanya Chantler, who came to town from London for the show. The Barcelona audience were even more enthusiastic than Friday night. I had a great time onstage. Right after the concert we bussed to the airport and changed back into civies before boarding. We have 2 small jets to accomodate band and management. In no time we were in Milan and checked into our hotel. This is definitely the way to travel.

Friday, 13th April 2018 : Barcelona: The day started with an Insanity workout in the gym. Killer was the only taker. We got down to the venue around 4.30 for a 5pm soundcheck. As the show doesn't start till 9.20 there is quite a lot of hanging around. I got to see Michael and Kas before curtain up. It was great to be doing the show again and the Spanish crowd were excellent. Back to the hotel for a well earned drink at the bar afterwards.

Thursday, 12th April 2018 : Barcelona: I rented a bicycle and spent a few hours exploring Barcelona. It was mostly sunny and warm, so I had an excellent time. In the evening I hooked up with Michael and Kas and we had great tapas at a restaurant in the Gothic Quarter. Afterwards a pleasant walk round town then back to my hotel. The first show of the tour is tomorrow!

Wednesday, 11th April 2018 : Barcelona: Day two of rehearsal. The run through had a few technical hiccups but nothing serious. The band is back in the groove. I walked back to the hotel with Dave again then met up with friends Michael and Kas to see some jazz at Jamboree. The Joe Sanders Quartet featuring Seamus Blake on saxophone, Joe Sanders on bass, Eric Harland on drums, and Aaron Parks on piano were the band. A packed house with Aaron and Seamus sounding particularly good. Interesting compoisition by the bass player Joe Sanders. After the show we had a cocktail at a nearby speakeasy with Richard and his dad Michael Lovett before a relatively early night.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018 : Barcelona: Day one of rehearsal. In the van at 11.30 and off to the Palau St. Jordi. We have three days in the venue before the first show on the 13th. Everyone reaquainted themselves with each other and the run through went well. All are excited to be back 'in harness'. Dave and I hung out for a bite to eat around 6 and decided to walk back to the hotel. Barcelona is a beautiful city and it was nice to walk through parts we would otherwise have missed out on. I had a bath and an early night. Hoping to see some jazz tomorrow evening.

Monday, 9th April 2018 : London / Barcelona: I got to the airport ridiculously early as usual. This gives me plenty of time to get my blog underway. Dave Kilminster and I are travelling together, but I don't expect to see him before boarding! ...... He did actually arrive in the lounge minus his guitar which British Airways made him check in the hold. I refused to let my sax be similarly treated and was able to carry it on after a short argument with the check in attendant.......... Arrived in Barcelona to a medical checkup at the hotel. Something to do with tour insurance. Apparently I passed as I am still in the band. Yay!

Sunday, 8th April 2018 : London : Packing. The adventure begins again tomorrow!

Monday, 19th March 2018 : London : In about three weeks from now I will be heading to Barcelona for some production rehearsals, followed by the first shows of the European tour. It will be nice to leave wintery London behind! I am looking forward to seeing Roger and the gang and getting back on the road!