This page contains freely downloadable mp3 playalong versions of compositions featured on the Ian Ritchie's SOHO Project album. In addition to the audio files I have included C, Bb and Eb top lines and chord sequences as jpeg image files and a Sibelius version of the C part ( this can easily be transposed into other keys using the software ). For starters, I have put up "Beak Street", "Soho Square" and "Moor Street". If there is sufficient interest, I am happy to upload the rest of the tunes from the CD. Let me know if you would like me to do this. The arrangements are identical to the album versions. I have however removed the piano solos so that pianists can use the tracks minus piano comping for part of the tune. The scores are simple top lines and chords written with no key signature due to the non functional nature of the harmony. Refer to the original recording for introductions and numbers of choruses etc. I hope you enjoy exploring this music as much as I did composing, performing and recording it.

ian Ritchie.








Beak Street mp3 Beak Street C score Beak Street Bb score Beak Street Eb score Beak Street Sibelius
Soho Square mp3 Soho Square C score Soho Square Bb score Soho Square Eb score Soho Square Sibelius
Moor Street mp3 Moor Street C score Moor Street Bb score Moor Street Eb scoreCa Moor Street Sibelius

ersatile singer/guitarist/pianist/drummer/producer who's web pages highlight her production work and give information about her monthly Cushy nights at the 12 bar in London.

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