HOLLY'S HOT SPOT - ScotsGay (5 stars) - 21st August 2005

Holly is a classic jazz singer with a twist, reminiscent perhaps of Liza Minnelli in Cabaret, but with a style which is all her own. And a wonderful voice. You'll close your eyes during one of her ballads and drift away to a wonderful place. More upbeat numbers had the whole audience foot-tapping and cheering. But if she excels as a 'straight' jazz singer, and she does, her quirky, cheeky banter really hits the hot spot. She can master an audience like a great stand up comedian. Her unscripted(?) asides convey a real feeling of sensual, vulnerable danger. Her upbeat play is as much fun as you can expect to see at any festival show. Go see her now - then buy the CD. Holly is going to be huge!

Martin Wallace.