lonely planet theme'I Warned You' by Thomas Lang was recorded in the late 80's for CBS records. This track features Thomas's fantastic vocal abilities alongside David Hughes sophisticated jazz harmony on keys. Too sophisticated for CBS unfortunately. The horns were arranged by me and include Pete Thoms wonderfully warm trombone sound in the mix.

lonely planet theme'Away From You' was from the same session as 'I Warned You'. Both tunes were recorded at Livingstone Studios in Wood Green.

lonely planet theme'That Beauty Is You' by Blue Mercedes was recorded around the same time for MCA records. I loved working with Blue Mercedes. Another great vocals and keyboards team. Philip Bagnell of Eastcote Studios did a great job recording the band.

lonely planet theme'The Last Thing That I Do' was from the same Blue Mercedes sessions. Never let the producer play harmonica on the track!

lonely planet theme'It's Always Been You' by Holly Penfield was made for MCA's US branch. This is a beautiful song by Holly. We re-recorded it in a more spare style for her 'Parts Of My Privacy' album, but this version pulls out all the stops. Graham Broad ( of Roger Waters band ) played drums and the great Suzanne Rhatigan contributed backing vocals.

lonely planet theme'Something Nervous' was a publishing demo collaboration with Marylee Kortes. I wrote a number of songs with Marylee. This was one of our first and always a favourite of mine.

lonely planet theme'Without You' was by my band Miro Miroe, recorded just after being dropped by CBS. After the demise of the group as recording artists we reformed as a gigging band with added guitar. We played as a trio around London and put a couple of things on tape courtesy of engineer Peter Williams. This song heavily features my trust Roland Jupiter 8 alongside a Mark II Fairlight CMI donated by Tiny Evans of Octave hire.