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Last year, when I was on the hunt for new bands to join I came across the amazing Urubu. Before I became a member playing saxes, flutes and piano the group was made up entirely of percussionists. Some of the dancers who regularily attend the bi monthly Ecstatic Dance events had expressed some interest in hearing some musical content beyond the drumming. This is what I bring to the group, with ambient Brian Eno like piano at the start of the events, progressing usually to flutes or whistles as the tempo and intensity increases. Later I switch to saxes when more power and dynamism is required and finally taking over the surdo ( Brazillian Bass Drum ) when the percussion overwhelms the possibility of melodic additions of any kind. The events consist of around 3 hours of continuous music with dancing ranging from Tai Chi like slow movements to frenetic tribal shaking and leaping. Every dancer basically does there own thing in a very friendly and non judgemental atmosphere. Participants generally see it as a great way of blowing off steam, getting some exercise and dancing in as many whacky ways posiible. In September 2010 we went into the studio and recorded more than enough music for a debut CD. This will be available at dance events in the near future. Gigs are being confirmed for 2011, so I will update the flyer when dates are known.................. st


ed to read it. There is a link below, as well as from my writings page. I am ready to record my next album of tunes. The band and I will go into the studio as soon as I can find a date that suits



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il down at Eastcote studios.


8th August 2007 .




















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