Carlos y Gato

About the band

Carlos y Gato specialize in sensual, groovy versions of the classic Santana and Gato Barbieri  repertoire. Rather than slavishly copying the originals, C y G take the essence of each composition and use it as a vehicle to enter the exciting, sexy and dancey world of latin rock music at its best. Any group trying to conjure up the spirit of Santana must have a group of musicians capable of inspired, spontaneous musical interaction. C y G are just such a group. At the head of the band we have 2 members of Roger Waters groups. Ian Ritchie, a lifelong fan of Gato, takes the saxophone chair. His raw but melodic approach to playing closely mirrors Barbieri's own playing concept. Jay Stapley dons the bandana and steps to the front of the stage to present the power and the glory of Carlos Santana's glorious lead guitar. The powerhouse rhythm section features the internet phenomenon that is Oded Kafri; the Drum Machine and latin percussion legend Lester Osborne. Danny Keane leaves off touring with the Gorillaz and Tom Baxter to take over the keys. Simon Edwards of Red Box and Fairground Attreaction fame nails the grooves to the floor on bass.

Carlos y Gato are a group of world class players having a great time performing music they love and understand intimately.