Title ArtistRecording Dates
See The Day Dee C Lee 1984
The Beach Boys The Beach Boys 1985
PCM Steve Levine 1986
Watching You, Watching Me David Grant 1985
C'Est La Vie Robbie Nevil 1987
He Watches It All The Boomtown Rats 1982
Cool Summer Reggae Aswad 2001
Babylon The Bandit Steel Pulse 1983
Club Tropicana Wham 1982
Brilliant Trees David Sylvian 1984
Miracles Gary Numan 1985
Gone Away John Henry Lambert 2006
New Song Howard Jones 1983
Breathless Symbiosis 1995
Don't Give Up Sara Hickman 1990
It's A Wonderful Life The Williams Brothers 1991
Cannon Fodder "Narcissus" John Hare 1994