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am back from the Roger Waters World tour. It was fantastic to play all those great Pink Floyd tunes to enthusiastic audiences all over the world. I charted my day to day progress in a blog which I will keep live for as lo

30th April 2012


In the last years I have been much more active on the live gigging scene. I have a regular jazz gig every Monday night at the Crown Moran hotel in Cricklewood where I get to play whatever I like. Deaf School have been out and about in the studio and performing in Liverpool and the Fordham festival. Last year saw the release of a mini CD and a trip to Japan for some gigs. I am a member of the Ecstactic Dance group Urubu. We have recorded a CD recently and are performing at events at the rate of 2 or 3 a month. In 2010 I toured Europe with the fantastic Australian prog rock group Unitopia. A DVD of one of the gigs is out. Other bands I am a regular member include the Zoobes, Tina T's Soul Revue, the Harry Water's Band, The Chance Element, Darwin's Playlist, and Toby Vennard and Duncan Fraser's That Big Band Sound. My own SOHO Project has been put on hold following the recording of our second CD "South Of Houston'. I am talking to a number of labels about possible releases on their labels. If none of these pan out I plan to put the Cd out myself early next year. I did however manage to put out an album featuring my Monday night band that plays at the Crown Moran hotel in Cricklewood., The Crown Moran Allstars.

That's it for now. I will make pages featuring all the above projects and put links to the same in the coming week. Bye for now.h

Four of my albums are currently available for download at CDBaby :


Paradiso. The Chance Element.

SOHO Project. The Crown Moran Allstars.



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ng as anyone is interested to read it. There is a link below, as well as from my writings page. I am ready to record my next album of tunes. The band and I will go into the studio as soon as I can find a date that suits everyone in the group and Phil down at Eastcote studios.


8th August 2007 .